Ring Remodelling

At ESL Jewellery we create unique, bespoke pieces, stock a great selection of beautiful jewellery and also offer a range of jewellery services.

“A very reputable jewellers, who care for their work, and always put the customer first. No hesitation to recommend them.”

William via Google – 29/10/18


Remodelling jewellery is the perfect way to bring a piece back to life.

Here at ESL Jewellery our in-house goldsmiths specialise in working with you to take a piece of jewellery no longer worn and remodelling it into a beautiful custom-made modern, wearable piece.

Many people have inherited jewellery that holds sentimental value but is never worn as it is simply not their style, or some may just have jewellery that they no longer like. Remodelling jewellery can breathe new life into these pieces.


We at ESL believe that the sentimental value & emotional attachment to a piece of jewellery is more important than its replacement cost.

With that in mind, we endeavour to bring all of the skill, care and experience we possess when repairing or altering your jewellery.

At ESL Jewellery, we can size your rings up or down; supply comparable replacements for lost or damaged stones; re-string pearls and beads; re-produce matches of lost single earrings; repair and renew the settings on diamond rings; polish and rhodium plate white gold jewellery; and lots more besides. Just call in for a consultation and quote.


It is very important that your jewellery is correctly valued under your relevant Insurance Policy. That’s why many Insurance Companies now recommend ESL Jewellery to their customers.

ESL is happy to include a complimentary insurance valuation with any item purchased, at the time of the sale. The good news is that we can usually complete the work while you wait, or certainly within the same day.

Should you require a revaluation of an ESL piece or valuation on an item of jewellery purchased elsewhere, we are happy to undertake this work for you. We believe that you will find our rates very competitive.